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4 Tips For Selling Your Bike Online

By On December 31, 2015

Image by Motor Malaya Planning to sell your bike online? Well, selling a secondhand bike takes up more time and effort, and it’s not as easy as it seems. There are plenty… Read More


8 Places To Go Vintage Shopping in Malaysia

By On November 4, 2015

Image by Vintage Play Clothes The wave of vintage trend has definitely picked up over the past few years in over the past few years in Malaysia. Whilst it is still not… Read More


Reasons Why Buying Used Second Hand Is The Best

By On October 16, 2015

Everyone loves a bargain and good sales! But sometimes the bargains and sales are not selling what you need. While there is an untapped resource of quality and cheap items that you… Read More


3 Suggestions For Local Fitness Wear, Global Activewear & Free Ways To Get Fit

By On October 14, 2015

The best things come in threes and you better believe it. Combining our favourite ‘F’ words – fashion, fitness, free – here are three options for local fitness wear, global activewear as… Read More

Hobbies and Collectibles

7 Simple Ways To Earn More Money On The Side

By On August 26, 2015

With the Malaysian economy in tatters, GST implemented and the Ringgit in a seemingly endless downward spiral, it can be tough saving up for that holiday or splurge item you desire. Luckily,… Read More


Buying Your First Second-Hand Car, Here’s What You Need To Know

By On July 28, 2015

Image by Singapore Motorcars Hurray, you’re ready to make dreams of road trips a reality with your new car! But instead of choosing to buy a car fresh from the factory, you’re… Read More