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Best Stories Round-Up For 2015

By On January 8, 2016

We’ve just said our goodbyes to 2015, and welcomed 2016. Did you managed to re-cap on what happened in 2015: in the news, the latest issues, what’s trending on the internet, what… Read More

TheArtsyCraftsy_Trip to Penang (19)

Top 15 Must-Visit Cafes in Penang That Are Halal/Pork Free

By On November 16, 2015

Whenever Malaysians gather to talk about road trips or places to visit, the first thing we ask about is food. Isn’t that right? It is typical of us Malaysians to enjoy food,… Read More


3 Suggestions For Local Fitness Wear, Global Activewear & Free Ways To Get Fit

By On October 14, 2015

The best things come in threes and you better believe it. Combining our favourite ‘F’ words – fashion, fitness, free – here are three options for local fitness wear, global activewear as… Read More

Cough Cures

Haze Induced Cough? 7 Home Remedies That Are Proven To Cure

By On September 30, 2015

Lately, the haze has made a comeback to the Malaysian shores and our Facebook timelines. With it, comes the never ending cough and throat irritation that occasionally disrupt our sleep and make… Read More


Are You Always Late? Read This To Start Managing Your Time Better!

By On September 25, 2015

Malaysians are known for many things — delicious food, muhibbah community, beautiful islands and greenery — but very far down the list is punctuality. Whether you blame it on the tak tentu traffic,… Read More

Feature Pic

10 Cute Malaysian Cats You Should Already Be Following on Instagram

By On September 9, 2015

If you spend your time mostly on the internet, you are likely stumble upon cute cat photos that have probably ended up as memes or motivational posters. I mean who would’ve guessed ‘Grumpy… Read More

Image by Kosmo

5 Greatest Merdeka Ads of All Time

By On August 28, 2015

It’s the Merdeka weekend! For most of us who grew up in the years before Facebook and Youtube (raise your hand whoever you are), you might remember this little thing called “Merdeka TV Commercial”… Read More


Five Tips To Achieve an Interior Magazine-Worthy Home, Without Breaking The Bank!

By On July 27, 2015

You’ve no doubt “Ooh”ed over the styles of celebrity homes in MTV Cribs or Million Dollar Listings, and you might have “Aah”ed while browsing Pinterest or Designmilk for interior design ideas and gorgeous… Read More