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10 Ways To Survive Being Married To A Spender

By On February 23, 2016

Who says relationships are easy? As long as money comes into the equation and it always does, the relationship levels up to ‘Difficult’ most of the time…unless of course there is a money… Read More


9 Ways To Get Rid Of Credit Card Debt

By On February 2, 2016

Shopping runs in our Malaysian veins. We are love a bargain and can hunt down a sale in a blink of an eye. With the emergence of online shopping, there is no longer… Read More


Gen Y, Are You Stuck In A Financial Rut? Here’s How To Get Out Fast

By On October 26, 2015

Born in the 80’s to early 90’s, generation Y kids are the ones who grew up watching internet, mobile phones and social media taking over the world. It is without a doubt that some… Read More


Reasons Why Buying Used Second Hand Is The Best

By On October 16, 2015

Everyone loves a bargain and good sales! But sometimes the bargains and sales are not selling what you need. While there is an untapped resource of quality and cheap items that you… Read More

Hobbies and Collectibles

7 Simple Ways To Earn More Money On The Side

By On August 26, 2015

With the Malaysian economy in tatters, GST implemented and the Ringgit in a seemingly endless downward spiral, it can be tough saving up for that holiday or splurge item you desire. Luckily,… Read More

budget app

How To Save Up For Any Holiday

By On August 7, 2015

It is sad Wednesday afternoon and the air con is groaning this very low lull that is has caused non-stop yawning. The numbers on the computer screen is getting all jumbled up… Read More


Five Tips To Achieve an Interior Magazine-Worthy Home, Without Breaking The Bank!

By On July 27, 2015

You’ve no doubt “Ooh”ed over the styles of celebrity homes in MTV Cribs or Million Dollar Listings, and you might have “Aah”ed while browsing Pinterest or Designmilk for interior design ideas and gorgeous… Read More