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Affordable Kids Birthday Party Venues Within The Klang Valley

By On March 3, 2016

Planning your party can be stressful as you need decorations, venue space, ambiance, food and beverages, performances, activities and more. Whether it’s a ROM, wedding reception, corporate functions or birthday party, the… Read More


Why Dengue Is A Serious Matter, And How Dangerous It Can Be

By On February 24, 2016

According to News Straits Times, Malaysia’s National Crisis Preparedness and Response centre reported that in January 2016, there were 2, 404 dengue cases nationwide. Selangor received the highest number of cases at 1,… Read More


10 Ways To Survive Being Married To A Spender

By On February 23, 2016

Who says relationships are easy? As long as money comes into the equation and it always does, the relationship levels up to ‘Difficult’ most of the time…unless of course there is a money… Read More


6 Reasons Why You Have To Pay More For Organic

By On February 22, 2016

Usually buying the cheapest price on the shelf, the organic section at the supermarket is usually bypassed really quickly with a sceptical glance followed by mumbles of crazy people paying double or… Read More


Parenting Styles And Effects On Your Child

By On February 17, 2016

Parenting is not easy, we always worry about our children’s well being, health, education, and safety. Too many dangerous and unpleasant things are happening around us: theft, robbery, kidnapping, rape or sexual abuse, physical… Read More


Thinking of Working from Home? Here are Six Steps to Ensure a Successful Flexible Working Arrangement

By On February 15, 2016

According to an article about Flexible Work Arrangements (FWA) published on The Edge Malaysia, Agilent Technologies claimed that the flexible work option evolved from a combination of the company’s trust and respect for… Read More


What To Do When You Are Facing An Assault

By On February 11, 2016

Please take note, this article is meant for information, awareness and tips on how we may prevent cases like this, and caters to men, women, children and senior citizens. We have no intentions… Read More


12 Ways To Be A Minimalist From A Busy Life

By On February 9, 2016

We don’t really know when it started but ‘Busy’ became the standard answer when friends asked how things were. Our calendars, wardrobes and homes are full to the brim and multitasking is… Read More

Car and Auto

Different Ranges Of Cars With The Most Expensive Modifications And Accessories

By On February 4, 2016

Cars are synonymous with wealth and luxury, especially when you are driving an expensive brand or model, which are: Supercars – The real deal when it comes to wealth and luxury. These cars… Read More

Hobbies and Collectibles

6 Types Of Exotic Aquarium Pets To Add In To Your Home

By On February 3, 2016

As a pet owner, you may be looking to add pet(s) to your cozy home. One that suits your lifestyle. You love the idea of dogs or cats, but you may not be able… Read More