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Kids playing together

10 Things Only Parents With Two Or More Kids Would Understand

By On September 11, 2015

These will never make any sense until you have more than one child of your own. And when you do, you agree to this list whole-heartedly! Here are some of the differences… Read More


16 Kid-Friendly Restaurants and Cafes in KL and Selangor

By On September 4, 2015

As a work-from-home-mother of two very young children, I almost never get to eat in peace. The only other person who may get to eat properly and in peace at the same… Read More


Creative Activities To Bond With Your Kids, And It Doesn’t Involve A Shopping Mall!

By On August 28, 2015

Kids grow up very fast. One moment they were babies, next thing you know they have celebrated few birthdays already. When it comes to spending time with our kids, it is about… Read More

child using tablet PC in classroom

iPad Or No iPad: That Is The Question?

By On July 27, 2015

So you have now entered into the world of parenthood. Congratulations! Your life will never be the same and before you know it, that cute little baby will grow out of just… Read More