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How Does Becoming A Dad The First, Second, And Third Time Feels

By On February 26, 2016

Fatherhood is the best and most important job a man will ever have in his lifetime. It is not something perfect men do, but something that perfects the man. Becoming Dad for… Read More


How Do You Keep Your Kids Safe Online?

By On January 1, 2016

Though the current generation is born into a society filled daily with electronics and relying entirely on the internet for information, we all take for granted how unsafe this online world can… Read More


Ten Essentials When Traveling With Kids Made Easy

By On December 18, 2015

Traveling with children can be fun for the whole family but requires loads of preparation. While the stares from other passengers at noisy kids might be annoying, not being prepared for the… Read More


Holiday programmes in KL November-December 2015

By On December 12, 2015

Looks like finding stuff for the kids to do over the school holidays is getting easier and easier – just scroll down this long list of holiday programmes in KL! —————————————————— Building fun X-Factory… Read More


15 Free Educational Apps For Preschool Kids

By On December 11, 2015

The ages of 4 – 7 is vital for a child’s development to ensure that they have an easy path to primary school success. Being ahead of the curve makes studying fun and… Read More


Why You Are Winning In Life…Just Because You Are The Eldest Child!

By On November 20, 2015

Being the first born and eldest child seems to be just about responsibilities. But there is definitely more to that as the long list of advantages stem for being numero uno and… Read More


25 Amazing Ideas For Upcycling Kids’ Toys That Are No Longer Wanted

By On October 19, 2015

You know how those of us with kids always end up accumulating lots and lots of toys — some of them hold sentimental value and some are expensive. It’s hard to figure out… Read More

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Top 7 Mummy Bloggers in Malaysia

By On October 9, 2015

Whether you’re a seasoned mum or an expecting mum, mummy blogs are a great place to read if you’re looking for an inspiration, a laugh, recipes or some tips. Here is our list of… Read More


Upcoming Theme Parks and Attractions

By On October 2, 2015

Don’t know where to bring your kids to during school holidays? Maybe our list of upcoming theme parks and attractions can help you! There are a number of theme parks and attractions… Read More

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Productivity Tips For Work At Home Mums Of Young Children

By On September 17, 2015

Most of my friends have been asking me how I managed working from home while also taking care of my children on my own without any help at home — TA-DA!! Here’s… Read More