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How Does Becoming A Dad The First, Second, And Third Time Feels

By On February 26, 2016

Fatherhood is the best and most important job a man will ever have in his lifetime. It is not something perfect men do, but something that perfects the man. Becoming Dad for… Read More


How Much Does It Cost To Deliver A Baby in KL, Selangor and Putrajaya?

By On February 13, 2016

The cost of delivering a baby has always come up in conversations between mums-to-be and mums. It’s certainly not cheap if one chooses to go with private hospitals. It also largely depends… Read More


10 Ways To Cope With Sleep Deprivation After Baby

By On February 12, 2016

It is no huge surprise that mums-to-be will be sleep deprived after having a baby as the baby will keep waking up every hour just to nurse! Besides the physical effects of… Read More


Boy or Girl? 7 Old Wives Tales On Gender Predictions

By On January 29, 2016

The only way to be sure about your baby’s gender is through genetic testing. Your gynae should be able to tell you with some certainty when your baby’s genitals are in a viewable… Read More

Halal Chinese Confinement

Best Halal Confinement Meals Delivered To Your Doorstep!

By On January 22, 2016

Confinement is part of the most important practice for postpartum Asian mothers. It is a time when mothers are taken care of physically; internally and externally, usually with the help of a… Read More

Portrait of a Large Group of Babies Looking Upwards

MYTH-conception: What You Don’t Know About Baby Making

By On January 15, 2016

Malaysians are doing well in adding to the population. In Feb 2014, our population hit 30 million people and is projected to grow to 38.6 million by 2040. Shockingly, this equates to 1,798 live births average per… Read More


Food To Avoid During Pregnancy: The Myths and Truths

By On December 27, 2015

Being pregnant is the happiest moment of your life until the bliss bubble bursts when strangers come up to touch your belly and everyone has advice or birth stories scary enough for… Read More


Best Baby Stroller Choices That Is Too Canggih For Words

By On December 4, 2015

Lugging precious cargo aka beautiful awesome children in your arms throughout the day will definitely give your arms muscles and an ache to last you centuries. The best baby stroller that fits… Read More


Breastfeeding vs Formula : No Longer A Debate

By On November 27, 2015

Before we go ahead on this controversial topic of breastfeeding vs formula feeding, make sure to keep plenty of tissues handy while watching the above video and to treasure the message close… Read More


Best Baby Cots To Have

By On November 6, 2015

Baby cots can be very expensive and there seem to be too many choices that will definitely give you a headache. How do you choose? And even if you found one, can… Read More