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Shia Lynn Toh


The 5 Coolest Work Desks You Can Afford

By On February 29, 2016

Having a suitable work desk for your home office is just as important as having a dining table. A proper work station allows you to have the space to work productively with… Read More


Why Dengue Is A Serious Matter, And How Dangerous It Can Be

By On February 24, 2016

According to News Straits Times, Malaysia’s National Crisis Preparedness and Response centre reported that in January 2016, there were 2, 404 dengue cases nationwide. Selangor received the highest number of cases at 1,… Read More


Thinking of Working from Home? Here are Six Steps to Ensure a Successful Flexible Working Arrangement

By On February 15, 2016

According to an article about Flexible Work Arrangements (FWA) published on The Edge Malaysia, Agilent Technologies claimed that the flexible work option evolved from a combination of the company’s trust and respect for… Read More


Revamping your Home? Check Out these Six Wall Painting Technique Ideas!

By On January 25, 2016

It is the new year, and with the festive season around the corner, this means it is time for a new look! If you are thinking about revamping your home, instead of… Read More


8 Funniest Videos of 2015 by Asian YouTubers

By On January 19, 2016

2015 has come and gone so quickly that we all want a piece of something to remember. Sure, there are some unhappy, even tragic news that took place in the Year 2015.… Read More

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The Art of Bookshelves

By On January 11, 2016

Can you imagine if bookshelves were never invented? Where would we be without them? I am not sure how we will be arranging our books but one thing for sure, I know… Read More


Eight Flight Tips Even Frequent Malaysian Flyers Need to Know About

By On January 4, 2016

It is undeniable that Malaysians love to travel, and we are also pretty sure that there are quite a number of Malaysians who are frequent travellers as well. It is too cliche… Read More


10 AirBNB Malaysian Homes with Beautiful Interior Designs

By On December 30, 2015

Getting away once in awhile is good for your well being, especially surrounding yourself with the right kind of ambiance. Everyone wants to pay for the experience, and these days, instead of booking hotel… Read More


Sitting In An Office Chair All Day? Here Are Five Easy Yoga Poses That Are Good For Your Back Pain

By On December 21, 2015

Ever wondered how many hours do you spend sitting at your office desk a day, and how many times do you get to stretch, walk or take a break? As a writer… Read More

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Survival Guide for Sharing House: How to Deal with Your Annoying Housemates

By On December 14, 2015

A friend of mine who was living by herself, rented out one of her rooms. She rented it out to a nice, clean and down-to-earth guy who took good care of his… Read More